Sunday, September 4, 2011

Anime review: Highschool of the Dead

It is anime series based on a manga series written by Daisuke Satō and illustrated by Shōji Satō. The story follows a group of high school students caught in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. It consists of 12 episodes, I think they will make season 2 because manga goes way further that anime, and also there is no particular ending, it just mostly follows same story and events as in manga series and I think it would be ok if they continue to do so, because I find it to be quite a good show. Story is that one day zombie apocalypse breaks out, none knows why, handful of students from High-school survive the outbreak of the virus. They travel through Japan is search of safe place and to find a cause of all that mess. I think Japanese people are kinda hooked to those zombi plots, Resident Evil started it all. It's almost the same as RE, zombies are slow, hungry, and virus spreads if you get bitten. Band of students is very colorful. It consists of school nurse, nerd, kendo master, two ordinary girls and one guy who is let's say main character, his name is Takashi Komuro. There are some sexual contents in the series, not too much, but enough to keep it interesting, every once in a while we see boobs jumping, panties showing, or some funny perverted scenes, it think, it's common stuff in manga and anime today, it's not bothering me, I find it kinda funny and interesting. I would recommend HOTD to all anime lovers, it's funny, action packed, storyline is great, there is also a lot of violence so I would not recommend it to younger audience, all in all great anime. Blu-Ray version is beautiful, animation is stunning, so pick it up and if you don't mind few perverted moments, enjoy this zombie killing, ass kicking piece of greatness

Rating: 10/10


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